The following rules are designed to help you create a secure and private username for your BO impuesto account.

Only letters [A to Z], numbers [0 to 9], hyphen '-', dot '.', underscore '_' and exclamation mark '!' may be used.

Username must contain at least:

1 alphabetical character [A to Z]

1 numerical character [0 to 9]

1 special character: hyphen '-', dot '.', underscore '_' and/or exclamation mark ' ! ' 

It is not allowed to use special characters of the same type consecutively.
For example:
Exclamation mark (!) may not be used as first character.
Username must be a minimum of 7 characters and a maximum 32 characters.
Username is case-insensitive.

Username must be unique.

This means that we have no two or more identical usernames registered. 
If your username is already taken, we will ask you to provide another username. 

You should never share your username with anyone

Keep in mind that our rules are designed to help you create a secure username.
Once created, the username cannot be changed or deleted. Please be advised to choose carefully and do not include any personal information.

After registering for your BOi account, you will receive an email confirming your username. You will also receive your One-Time Password (OTP) in a separate email. You are now ready to login into our portal BO impuesto.